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About Us



Planned and executed audio, video, and control systems in both private and commercial sectors.


Expanded the scope of operations to include the development of lighting systems.


Founded Luxwelt.

since 2002

Our expertise lies in the development and realization of concepts related to lighting, presentation, and sound. Our aim is to craft a cohesive, atmospheric design by integrating these initially technical systems.

We are led by our senses. The influence of light, sound, and visuals on every individual's senses is profound. We believe that an encompassing experience can only be achieved through solutions that appeal to all human senses, fostering well-being and enhancing interpersonal communication.

While we predominantly use standard materials, our unique approaches allow us to transform them into exceptional installations that bear testament to both technical prowess and meticulous attention to detail.

By amalgamating established technologies from a plethora of fields, we can evoke fresh emotions and impressions. This is achieved without resorting to risky experiments, a pivotal strategy that expedites the design process and ensures its harmonious evolution.

Additionally, we collaborate with specialists from diverse fields—architecture, technology, art, and science—in the development and execution of avant-garde installations.

Our project portfolio boasts of major shopping centers, residences, international hotels, consumer markets, and airports.

Moreover, we serve as the design, energy-saving, and purchasing consultants for lighting for two global corporations. Since 2004, we have successfully completed over 900 projects globally, spanning shopping centers, supermarkets, parking facilities, logistics hubs, office buildings, hotels, and restaurants.

In October 2017, Metro AG inaugurated its first zero-emission store, illuminated by a lighting design from Luxwelt. This endeavor was honored with the EHI Award.

We continue to expand its footprint in Turkey. Projects like Ümraniye Meydan, Merter Meydan, and Buyaka Shopping Center underscore our ongoing commitment.

We have been recognized by EHI and Lebensmittelzeitung, receiving the "Top Supplier Retail Award 2019" in acknowledgment of our role as a trusted solution partner for our clients.

The Intersection of Technology and Atmosphere

The journey into the realm of lighting design is a luminous tale that melds technological advancements with a profound love for crafting ambiance. At the core of our passion as consultants for lighting design lies an enduring history of technological progress, enabling us to channel our talent and craft spaces that resonate with emotion, function, and aesthetics.

In the earliest days, our ancestors relied on the sun, moon, and fire to illuminate their surroundings. These natural sources of light had an inherent unpredictability, fostering a deep appreciation for light's capacity to shape an environment. Over time, with the discovery of electricity and the invention of the incandescent light bulb by Thomas Edison in the late 19th century, the way we perceived and manipulated light underwent a revolutionary shift. This monumental leap in technology unlocked doors to a myriad of possibilities.

The 20th century witnessed a cascade of innovations – from the evolution of fluorescent tubes to the birth of LED lights. Each new development further enhanced the palette and tools at our disposal. It was no longer about merely lighting up a space; it became about curating an experience, invoking moods, and ensuring optimal functionality.

Our talent is not just rooted in understanding the nuances of these technological wonders, but also in our innate ability to see light as an art form. Our love for creating atmospheres pushes us to weave stories with shadows and brightness, contrasts and harmonies. Whether it's the subtle glow that accentuates the architecture of a building or the dynamic play of lights in a theatrical performance, our designs bring spaces to life.

Today, as consultants for lighting design, we have the privilege of working on a diverse array of projects. The collaboration of technological know-how with our visceral love for atmosphere has allowed us to sculpt experiences that are both memorable and impactful.

In conclusion, lighting design stands at the nexus of technology and emotion. It is a testament to how far we have come in harnessing the power of light and how, with every project, we continue to illuminate the world in novel and enchanting ways. Our journey is a never-ending exploration of brightness and darkness, and the myriad shades in between.

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