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Gourmet-Restaurant Philipp Soldan


Restaurant "Philipp Soldan“ Hotel Sonne




Frankenberg (Eder)

The design proposal for the gourmet restaurant Philipp Soldan in Frankenberg emphasizes a cutting-edge kitchen concept, which not only serves as a cooking area but also as a central attraction in the restaurant. The approach highlights openness and transparency, inviting customers to watch the chefs as they prepare exquisite dishes. This strategy aims to boost customer trust by allowing them to witness firsthand the quality of ingredients and culinary craftsmanship of the kitchen staff.

Supplementing this open kitchen design is a comprehensive lighting plan. This is pivotal not just for optimizing working conditions for the staff, but also for creating a comfortable and inviting ambiance for guests. A thoughtful interplay of direct and indirect lighting can accentuate specific areas, generating a warm and homely atmosphere. This contributes to an overall culinary experience that encourages guests to relax and linger.

The lighting plan is of primary importance here. It not only illuminates the culinary mastery taking place in the kitchen, but also sets the mood throughout the restaurant. Bright, targeted lighting allows guests to appreciate the quality and presentation of their meals, while softer, ambient lighting creates a relaxed and luxurious atmosphere. Special attention will be given to areas where the light can enhance the restaurant's transparency concept, such as highlighting the fresh ingredients and the chef's meticulous techniques.

In summary, this concept combines functional and aesthetic aspects to transform the gourmet restaurant Philipp Soldan in Frankenberg into a venue for socializing, enjoyment, and hospitality. It offers guests not only top-tier food but also unique insights into the process of its preparation, setting the restaurant apart from traditional gourmet locales. As such, each meal becomes an unforgettable experience that appeals to all senses, with a particular emphasis on the nuanced role of lighting in enhancing the overall dining experience.

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